rossroads Fellowship supports 12 missionary families who minister around the world.


Dave & Gayle Dorsett - Central Asia.


Eddie and Diane Echevarria - Argentina


Dan & Noreen McGaffee - Namibia


Scott & Marissa Smith - Spain


Dave & Lali Wagner - Seed One Foundation



Bryce and Jayln Maddock - Sensitive area


Todd & Amy Churchill - Congo.


Dave & Michelle Lewandowski - Poland

Stan & Julie Wagner - Seed One Foundation


Joyce Baergen - Central Asia 


Kim and Laurel Harvey - Rural Compassion


Dan and Debby Smith - Capetown Theological
Seminary - South Africa

Ben and Wendy McClure - Laos


Randall and Joyce Peterson - Philippines 

Dan Matsanunga - Japan 


Tanya Aderman - Cambodia 

Bill and Judy Kirsch - Gabon 


Reagan Glugosh - Romania 

Tim and Eve Austin - Sensitive Area


Scott and Karen Hanson   Kenya 



Brent and Rosemarie Hanson    Kenya